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Yani and Nikitda Out & About
Katya Does Anal
Yuri & Maya
Yuri & Nadeja
Nataly Gold - Gang Bang
Lera POV
Dulsineya & Eric
Kira Quees
Lera Striptease

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Masha hardcore
There's not much to do in Russia at the moment. No-one has any money and everything is very expensive so Russians resort to what they do best - having sex. Masha goes over to her boyfriends house and gives up her ass. She has amazing tits buther ass is what hes wanted for a long time.

Date of update: 10.01.16 Length:24m00s


Nadine hardcore
Russian porn is the best when a Russian girl is taking cock. Here is Nadine taking a good fucking before taking our stud's cum in her mouth. Once she has cleaned up she gives the camera a little wave and gets ready for her next cock. Russian sex is great!

Date of update: 13.02.14 Length:15m38s


Kiara Lord 1 Striptease
We look for Russian sluts all over the world. Kiara Lord is from Hungary but her parents are from Russia exactly what we like. She is very beautiful - a petite blonde with perfect tits. Also like all Russians she loves to show her body off. Here we have her dressed up as a referee.

Date of update: 17.02.14 Length:16m14s


Sabrina Moor 1 Hardcore
Sabrina Moor works for Father Christmas, 364 days a year he makes presents and fucks her. For one day a year he delivers the presents which gives her the opportunity to fuck other guys. She is loves dick in her ass and we enjoy her ass, mouth and pussy.

Date of update: 03.01.16 Length:26m02s


Nadine casting
Nadine explains to us why she is a good slut and why she loves to shoot porn. You'll find out a lot more about her that just the size of her boobs and what her pussy looks like. But don't worry we will soon upload the scene where se is fucked which we can assure you she enjoys.

Date of update: 17.01.14 Length:6m21s

Nadine strip and toys
We have heard about Nadine but know we know you want to see more. She starts by taking off her pretty red dress and then plays with her pussy before moving on to putting some big dildos up there. She might only have filmed a couple of scenes but she knows what to do.

Date of update: 18.01.14 Length:15m14s


Dasha came into our office a few weeks ago complaining that she had run out of money after Christmas. She soon agreed to our suggestion that she shot a porn scene for us. Pushing our luck we insisted she would need to take a cock in her ass. A couple more minutes and she agreed)

Date of update: 10.02.14 Length:17m19s


Liona Striptease and Toys
Liona moves on to a striptease and slowly takes off her dress showing her lithe body and little tits. She knows what you like and starts playing with a dildo. But this isn't all for you she also is enjoying herself and as she plays with herself she brings herself off.

Date of update: 20.12.13 Length:19m09s


Liona Hardcore
We think that now you want to see this little slut given a good fucking and in this scene she loves taking dick.So much so that after the first cumshot on her body she begs to be fucked again and takes the cum in her mouth an on her face. She's a good slut!

Date of update: 29.12.13 Length:25m30s


Mikela Hardcore
Why are Russian girls so hot nd the men so ugly? In this scene another beautiful doll is being fucked by a ugly russian guy. Unfortunately no anal in this scene but our slut tkes a good pussy fucking and a cumshot on her body. And does this girl have a body -she's tall and skinny but with big boobs!

Date of update: 01.01.13 Length:19m06s


We love tall, blonde Russian sluts and Valeria is one of the tallest sluts we shot. It also helps she is a dirty bitch and loves taking cock. In her mouth, in her pussy in her ass she doesn't care as long as she gets a good hard cock in there. In this scene theres no story just fucking! Enjoy!

Date of update: 09.12.13 Length:22m18s


Liona - casting
This beautiful petite brunette is Liona another beautiful girl from St Petersburg who loves shooting porn. We know you also want to find out a bit more about her so in this scene interview her for you. If in future you want something asked email your ques to info@russiansexsluts.com

Date of update: 12.12.13 Length:7m05s


Bella and Violet Party
Its coming up to Xmas and we thought as an early present you'd like to see 2 Russian girls given a hard fucking. The girls boyfriends have joined them at the party and cahmpagne and chocolate is not enough for them. They want rough sex, anal ,dps and facials - the girls provide it all! Happy Xmas!!

Date of update: 15.12.13 Length:37m35s


Foxy Di
Our favourite Russian teen Foxy Di is back. she is only small petite 18 year old and her friend Artem has a huge cock. First he tries out her pussy its a squeeze but he's in there. Then her ass a little grimace as he enters her bunghole but then our little pornstar feels only pleasure.

Date of update: 11.10.13 Length:31m10s

Russian girls love a cock up their backside. They know that it is their duty to make their boyfriends happy and they know that we men love to put our dicks in their back passage. In this scene Chloe is studying with her boyfriend before they decide to fuck. She then shows she is an Anal Slut!

Date of update: 20.10.13 Length:25m20s

Bella and Violet
Bella and Violet are getting prepared for a party. They have bought a couple of bottles of champagne, fruit and chocolate. While waiting for the others they open a bottle - a bit of alcohol and they want to experiment a bit. they start by kissing and soon move on to girl on girl lesbo action.

Date of update: 04.12.13 Length:10m54s


Mira Hardcore
Russia is full of lithe raven haired beauties like Mira.She is also a ballerina,who are renowned in Russia for their sex drives. Here she is fucked by Nikita who she met in a bar after ballet school. He like all Russian guys is happy to use her and fucks her until he cums on her face.

Date of update:26.09.13 Length:19m29s

Mira Striptease
This is the beginning part of our previous update. Mira is dressed in a cute white blouse and short short balck dress. Nikitda is her teacher but he is looking to teach her more than just English. First her clothes need to come off and she needs to give a bj - this is the way it works in Russia!

Date of update:07.10.13 Length:9m29s

Willa Hardcore
Having had success fucking one of his students Nikitda has put in an advert in the paper for more girls. Willa needs to get her exams for University but she turns up dressed in a tight black dress and white blouse.All thoughts of study are forgotten and they fuck for Russia.

Date of update:09.10.13 Length:22m31s


Abby Striptease
Abby is wearing a sexy red dress with matching panties. She does a slow sexy dance and the dress slowly comes off showing her sexy body. Then she gives her boyfriend a nice blowjob ready for sex. We love shooting russian porn and hope you like what we shoot!

Date of update:16.09.13 Length:6m59s

Bella Hally Hardcore
Bella is one of the dirtiest bitches we have shot - in this scene she takes a hard fucking from our stud and by the end she is begging for more. He fucks her pussy and then moves onto her ass and then swaps back into her pussy - great p2a and a2p action and then he spunks on her face.

Date of update:19.09.13 Length:16m20s

Alisia Striptease
Alisia has a cute bow and dressed all in pink. She has a very beautiful face and lovely blue eyes. However soon we persaude her to take off her dress and show us her little body and then we persaude her to stick a huge dildo in her pussy and ass. How does she do it!

Date of update:23.09.13 Length:17m20s


Sasha A Strip
Woff! Woff! Sasha is prowling around on the floor when she starts to strip off her clothes. Luckily there is a desk nearby as well we can bend her over. Once there we take the opportunity to insert some large toys in her pussy and ass. She loves every minute of it!

Date of update:07.09.13 Length:14m19s

Bella Hally Strip and Toys
Bella Hally has a day off from her job in the Russian Army. Using our cash we persuade her to come back to our apartment.There she slowly strips off her uniform showing us her skinny lithe body. Next she plays herself and then moves onto her dildos including one in her ass!

Date of update:11.09.13 Length:26m49s

Antonia Hardcore
Antonia is another russiansexslut, she is addicted to porn and wants to try it herself. We arrange for Marcus to give her a good seeing to. First he fucks her pussy then he fucks her ass. We make sure that she gapes for you all and then she takes a facial.

Date of update:14.09.13 Length:16m01s


Sasha A Hardcore
Sasha is a hardcore slut.We fucked all all over the living room, on the desk, on the sofa on the floor and of course a huge cock in the ass. Eventually the stud comes over her and like a good slut she cleans the cum off his dick.

Date of update:26.08.13 Length:30m58s

Foxy Di interview, striptease and bj
In this scene we interview Foxy Di although she is a quiet girl we hope you can see her personality in the interview. We then film a striptease and we have left a blooper in - we hope you find and enjoy! We think you will enjoy this pretty girl.

Date of update:29.08.13 Length:15m56s

Alisia Hardcore
We mistakenly uploaded lindie hardcore scene earlier in the week for the update and we have already used this scene as an update. We have now replaced it with this scene featuring the beautiful alisia. Apologies.

Date of update:03.09.13 Length:37m30s


Henessy Striptease and toys
Henessy proves to you how beautiful she is by a slow striptease and then plays with a dildo.We hope you agree thats she is a beautiful brunette girl and you enjoy some high quality Russian porn. We can't wait to shoot her again.

Date of update:15.08.13 Length:19m40s

Abby Hardcore
Abby is one of the most beautiful girls we have seen. We asked her boyfriend if we could film him giving her a good seeing to. Luckily for us he agreed and he proceededto fuck her up the ass for us. He then finished on her little boobs.

Date of update:19.08.13 Length:19m55s

Lindie Striptease
Lindie wants to show off to you. She begs us to film her stripping and playing with a huge toy. Watch this slut perform just for you. Imagine standing there ready to fuck her once she has taken her clothes off and is lubed up!

Date of update:22.08.13 Length:11m59s


Lindie Hardcore
Lindie is back again for another scene this time it is her best friend putting his cock up her ass and cuming on her face. Her girlfriend who she shot with last time has gone out and now her male friend is proving that she isn't a lesbian. Great Russian sex!

Date of update:29.07.13 Length:30m53s

Inga Striptease
Inga is wearing a sexy little blue dress which we have persauded her will be better on the floor than on her. Once she takes it off she moves her hands over her body and plays with her sexy body. This will get you worked up so you are desperate to see more of this blonde slut.

Date of update:07.08.13 Length:15m09s

Sasha Hardcore
Sasha's best friend has walked in on her playing with herself. He decides to take full advantage and is soon using her for his own ends. Her huge tits swing as he pounds her in the ass and pussy. Then he bends over and forces her tongue in his ass - he enjoying it as she gets as deep as she can.

Date of update:09.08.13 Length:40m01s


Olympia toys
Olympia is dressed as a playboy bunny. She is putting on a show for her boyfriend, slowly she strips off showing her beautiful long legs. She then takes a dildo in the backside and she gapes for us.

Date of update:12.06.13 Length:18m12s

Henessy Hardcore
Henessy is showing us what a slut she can be. In this scene she takes a great anal pounding, gapes and then takes 2 cumshots from our stud.he enjoys cumming on her face and then in her ass. She enjoys being a slut.

Date of update:15.07.13 Length:43m22s

Sasha Toys
Sasha is another huge titted Russian slut, she is only 18 but already very experienced. She strips off and then puts a huge black dildo in her pussy and her ass, then gaping it for your entertainment. We know you will enjoy!

Date of update:25.07.13 Length:7m38s

Nastie and Nellie Toys
Nastie and Nellie are studying for their English exam. They are getting bored so decide that it more exciting to start playing with each other. After stripping they get their juices going by moving to the bed to play with a dildo.
Date of update:18.04.13 Length:16m50s

Nastie and Nellie blowjob
Nastie and Nellie are have now finished studying. Nastie's flatmate walks in on them enjoying themselves. Like all good Russian sluts they invite him to join them and give him a great blowjob
. He is only too eager to join in!
Date of update:28.04.13 Length:8m56s

Olympia hardcore
Olympia is a dirty girl. She loves giving a blowjob, she loves a dick in her pussy and she loves being fucked in the ass and she loves gaping for us. We only had to find a young guy with enough energy to give her a good going over. Anton is he.
Date of update:28.05.13 Length:27m32s

Little Rita II Hardcore
Little Rita now gets fucked by the big bad wolf. She proves that Russian nuns are just as slutty as other Russian girls. Our Wolf's huge cock rips into our little Asian girl but she proves she can take all he has to give. She then takes his spunk all over her face enjoying every minute of it!!!

Gina Toys
Gina is a dirty little russian slut. Like many Russian girls she said it was her dream to be in a porn movie. We agreed to shoot her ass-fucking as long as she proved she could put a huge dick up her ass. The dildo she was able to get up there proved it would be no problem.

Gina Hardcore
Markus is getting all hot. Gina has been playing with herself and stuffing huge dildos up her ass. He wants to to fuck her ass now and she is begging him to. We are ready to film for your entertainment, bringing you the best Russian sex and best Russian porn.

Xelena hardcore
Xelena gets down on her hands and knees and takes Yuri's huge cock in her mouth. He then enters her and although initially she finds his huge cock difficult she takes it like the good slut she is. However after a good seeing to she can barely walk at the end of the scene!!

Elena hardcore
We love Russian Sex and in this scene Huge Boobed Elena and Markus get it on for us. Obviously Elena has a boyfriend but she saw Markus's dick and begged us to let him fuck her. We of course agreed if she would let us film it for you. In no time at all he had his dick up her ass.

Little Rita I Striptease and toys
So Little Rita has been cornered in her bedroom by a big bad Russian wolf. He forces her to Strip for him and play with a large Dildo. In the end he gets bored and she starts sucking on his dick. If you like little Asian girls having sex with white guys you will love this scene.

Lindsay Olsen Striptease
Lindsay will get you all steamed up and ready for action with this slow, sexy, sultry strip routine of hers. Just indulge yourself in the sexy moves as she slowly peels of her clothing to reveal those fantastic fishnet stockings and her fantastic pert tits all ready for sucking.

Lindsay Olsen POV
The gorgeous Lindsay Olsen was warmed up both you and herself by now with her steamy striptease, so it's time to get down to the hard stuff with this great POV movie. Who the fuck is this lucky guy getting his cock drained by those lovely Russian lips?!

Kira Queen Striptease
Watch as Kira Queen slowly strips-off her maid's outfit. Her long dark hair cascades over those amazing tits. Then imagine that it is your hand playing with her pussy and your fingers she is sucking her juices off. If only all maids were like this Russian!

Dulsineya And Eric (Climax Scene)
This is where this lovely Russian starlet gets her comeuppance! Eric fills all her holes with is huge black cock - and she clearly loves it! In her pussy, up her arse and in her mouth, nothing is off limits. So take your cock in your hand and stroke gently!

Kira Queen - POV
Kira, this gorgeous Russian Queen knows how to do sex! In this great POV movie you'll be so envious of the lucky fucker who'is on the receiving end of Kira's lips and the camera lense you'll just want to spit in his eye! Enjoy this great sucking and fucking POV movie.

Lera- Striptease with Toys
In the old days Russian girls were serving in the Soviet Army ready to invade the West. Now Lera shows how much more enjoyable it is to see girls taking their uniforms off. The only weapon she knows how to use is the black dildo she stuffs up her ass!

Katya POV
This time Katya is getting down and dirty in this classic POV movie. She begins with a slow sexy strip which is enough to make you shoot your load in itself but then she sets to work on the lucky guy who has his bollocks sucked dry by her.

Lera POV
You'll love this! The gorgeous Lera gets down and dirty in this fantastic POV movie. Watch her finger herself close to climax and then watch her get fucked by another horny Russian stud. She eventually takes his load of steaming cum all over her pert tits.

Dulsineya And Eric (Opening)
Dulsinyea is fucked senseless by Eric in this 3 part movie. He fills everyhole the lovely Dulsineya has to offer. In this opening sequence Eric gets her ready for the fuck of her life and in the following parts you'll see him fuck her in every hole available.

Yuri & Maya
Yuri is one very lucky guy! He's bored at home when the gorgeous Maya drops by, she has only one thing on mind, and thats giving Yuri a fucking good time. After the best BJ of his life he fucks her tight pink pussy from behind and gives her exactly what she wants!

Nataly Gold Gang Bang
I think it's fair to say that we've probably all dreamed of taking part in a gang bang. Well, Nataly certain had her dreams come true! She doesn't know where to turn when this group of horny Studs came at her - or perhaps i should say when they Cum inside and over her!

Yani and Nikitda Out & About
Wow! These two horny Russians certainly know how to enjoy a walk in the park. Not only does he enjoy a Blow Job but they then move onto his apartment where she gives him everything she has on offer! Now - this really is how a day off work should be enjoyed!

Katya Does Anal
Yuri is one extremely lucky fucker this time ... Not only does he get to fuck Katya from behind but he also manages to stick his cock up her arse!! They both fuck like rabbits with everything ending in Yuri dumping his his hot steamy cum over Katya's arse.

Lindsay & Lindie Lesbian Strap On Sex
Lucie is the lucky girl this time that enjoys the attentions of Yuri. I'm sure though that she gives as good as she gets! She gives the best blow job in history, she takes the best fucking ever and then enjoys the taste of Lucie's cum. This really is a girl that knows how to enjoy herself!

Lucie Gives Great Headl
Lucie is the lucky girl this time that enjoys the attentions of Yuri. I'm sure though that she gives as good as she gets! She gives the best blow job in history, she takes the best fucking ever and then enjoys the taste of Lucie's cum. This really is a girl that knows how to enjoy herself!


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